Super Seeds

Chia, hemp and flax. It’s a super seed trifecta! Rich in antioxidants, protein and Omegas. These 3 little seeds are part of my daily routine. I add a tablespoon of each to my morning smoothie.

Flax or chia seeds are a great egg substitute. 1 T of chia OR flax plus 3 T of water makes one egg. Combine the seeds and water in a small bowl and let stand for a few minutes.

Hemp seeds have a rich and nutty flavor. Sprinkle them over a salad or stir fry. Add them to a bread or muffin recipe. Make a pesto or nut butter.

Chia seeds make delicious desserts. Combine in a blender with non dairy milk, frozen berries and spices or cocoa powder.

Flax, chia and hemp seeds are a great addition to homemade cereals. I guess I need to share that recipe!!


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